Invest in the Future of St. Louis Students!

Prepared's Private Scholarships are Changing the Lives of Students
Last March, St. Louis-based pastor George Love used his nonprofit to give four hardworking students at Vashon High School $500 each ($2000 in total) in scholarship money. The scholarship money was raised privately by Mr. Love himself; not a penny was acquired through government assistance or fundraising. Mr. Love simply saw an opportunity to invest in these young adults’ futures and acted. He has no intention of stopping soon.

Although he is currently working two jobs (one of them being a custodian job at Vashon High) to raise funds for deserving students, the reality is, he’s gonna need our help to scale his efforts.

Many of these students and their families don’t have the resources to adequately invest in their educational futures, so a $500 check goes a long way. Also, by investing in these kids’ futures, we send a hopeful message to other students from disadvantaged areas: “If you invest in yourself, others will invest in you.”

$5 is all it takes to help.

Help Prepared’s latest mission: Granting private college scholarships to high school students in the St. Louis Public School District.