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Prepared Offers Scholarships at Vashon High and is Featured in SLPS Newsletter

From March 16th SLPS newsletter:

Sharing The “Love” At Vashon
> Yesterday, Vashon High School celebrated the Day of Color
> program. By all accounts the event was a
> success. As part of the ceremony, four Vashon students
> received a little “extra love” in the form of $500
> scholarship checks.
> The scholarships were presented by Prepared The Gateway of
> the Northwest’s President and Founder George E. Love.
> The scholarship money was raised privately by Mr. Love
> himself; not a penny was acquired through government
> programs or assistance.”


Our Commentary:

It was an honor and a joy to provide four $500 checks to the students on Vashon High School’s Day of Color program.

Going forward, Prepared: The Gateway of the Northwest will continue to bless the students anyway we can.

To help out in our mission, feel free to donate at the following link:

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More pictures:

Vashon High School - St. Louis, MO

Prepared founder George Love speaking at the Day of Color event.

Presenting scholarship check at Vashon High

George Love presents $500 check to a student.

Prepared The Gateway of the Northwest Prepared, St. Louis, MO George E Love presenting checks

Accesswi1991Prepared Offers Scholarships at Vashon High and is Featured in SLPS Newsletter

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    Saw Mr. Love featured on the local News in St. Louis….what a wonderful and kind soul to have started this program…..hence the name~! God Bless you for doing God’s work!

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