Wow, the letters keep piling in. Prepared feels truly blessed to receive such positive feedback from those Mr. Love has inspired personally.

Here’s a few letters we received from two Vashon High School students.

I do feel that Mr. George love has a great impact on Vashon high school. Mr. Love gives us all hope. He shows us that we can do whatever we put our minds to. Mr. Love made each of us feel special in our own way. He always showed that he cared about students and how we performed and that we were awarded for our accomplishments. He made us feel like we mattered to someone. Some kids might not get that appreciation or acknowledgement at home and by Mr. Love acknowledging our accomplishments by providing us with snacks and drinks reassured us that our hard work does not go unnoticed. Mr. Love set a lot of examples. For me he showed me that judging people is not the key. But helping and encouraging people is. He is a very nice person and appreciated by many. Hee might not know but his nice gestures has helped many kids here at Vashon high. Mr. Love should continue blessing Vashon high school because he is helping students by showing us how much he cares. He is always supporting students and encouraging us to do better. We appreciate all that he does and love having him around.
-Adrianna W. 11th grade  [January 21st 2015]”

Here’s another one:

“My name is Zadia M. a senior at Vashon High,
This christmas of 2014 pastor Love and his organization worked miracles for our family. With my dad being a single parent and not having the ability to provide us with the best christmas, pastor Love stepped in and made it wonderful. He took the time out of his life to make sure my family was provided for. That saturday morning waking up to him standing on the porch with boxes filled with food and bags of toys brought a sense of relief to my family. Pastor Love provided us with a beautiful christmas dinner and many toys for my five siblings. He gave my family the christmas spirit again. We thank you pastor love!”
-Zadia M [January 20 2015]

Thanks to everyone who showed their appreciation.

It’s small wins like these that inspire us to keep pushing forward.

Stay tuned for more in 2015…

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