Last month, we were blessed to have St. Louis Vashon High School coach Darius Tubbs and his baseball team join us for Operation Holy Smoke.


Vashon High School and Prepared: The Gateway in St. Louis

Coach Darius Tubbs (right) and George Love (left) at an Operation Holy Smoke event. Mr. Tubbs has allowed his players to be supported by Prepared during the 2016 baseball season.


Vashon High Baseball Team feeding community members

Vashon High School’s very own baseball team feeding St. Louis community members at Operation Holy Smoke.

What a team! Although they didn’t make the State Championship this year, they were able to make it to the National Leagues, AND feed over 200 people in north St. Louis with the help of Prepared: The Gateway of the Northwest.  Along side their inspirational coach, the team was able to elevate itself to a new height of community activism.


Darius Tubbs and student

Couch Darius Tubbs (right) alongside student Deven Grant (left).

Beyond feeding the community, Prepared wants to give ambitious and responsible young men a platform to grow in community involvement. Student Deven Grant is a great example of one such young man, having received his perfect attendance award, Honor Roll, and the highest achievement awards the ROTC had to offer. Coach Darius and Prepared value this sort of excellence and are always seeking similarly motivated youth and students to join the cause!

It was an honor working with Coach Darius and his baseball team, and we can’t wait for more opportunities in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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