Vashon High School Shows Appreciation for Prepared’s Donations! [Updated 1/28/15]

2014 was a big year for Prepared. Our Adopt-a-School program gained some great momentum, and we were able to offer donations to a number of St. Louis Public Schools.

In particular, we’re happy to have been able to aid Vashon High School by donating an abundance of Capri Sun juice and Kool-Aid drinks to the students.

To our surprise and excitement, Vashon High School’s staff and students responded very favorably.

We feel blessed to receive such positive feedback, as it validates our mission and fuels our desire to make positive contributions to the community (whenever and wherever possible).

Click Here to view some letters we received showing appreciation from Vashon High School’s teachers, students, and faculty. (PDF)

[UPDATE 1/28/15]: We’ve Received More Letters! 

Click here to view 2 more “Thank You” Letters from Vashon High School’s teachers! (PDF)

This is just the beginning. We look forward to further involvement in the St. Louis Public School system going forward in 2015.

Happy New Years!

Accesswi1991Vashon High School Shows Appreciation for Prepared’s Donations! [Updated 1/28/15]

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  1. Pastor Willie D Johnson Sr

    Enjoyed the time of fellowship today at the white castle. Looking forward to laboring together in the streets of St. Louis during the LORD,s work in the near future. Great Web Site.

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