Our Vision:

Prepared: The Gateway envisions a world in which all families and individuals learn to become providers and supporters of the most priceless commodity known to man: Love for all. Through education and financial accountability, we aim to heighten human potential and catapult communities to the level of success that we are all predestined to reach.

About Us:

Humble Beginnings”

Prepared the Gateway of the Northwest was founded in Yakima, Washington as a mission at New Jerusalem Church in 1996 by George Love III & his wife, Stephanie Love. George was given permission by Pastor R.L. Stone who allowed him to open the door on the side of his church and welcome in the less fortunate. George would feed the people pastries and sandwiches along with soda, water and coffee to meet their needs. Everyone who stopped by would leave with a full stomach and a prayer.

By 1998, Prepared the Gateway of the Northwest began another chapter in Tacoma, Washington in the urban community of a gang infested area called “The Hilltop.” Prepared would begin to combat the gang and drug activity by arming itself with its new feeding program titled “Operation Holy Smoke.” This program would go on to feed BBQ dinners and supply groceries to thousands of people in urban communities around the city. Prepared’s outreach changed the lives of the people in these poverty-stricken areas by overpowering the drugs and violence with love. The efforts of Prepared resulted in safe streets, rebuilding and expansion of parks and overall healthier household structures.

Prepared the Gateway of the Northwest was incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization in 2004. The organization has gone on to function without receiving any government federal grants and has maintained its Domestic Violence advocacy program, community outreach program and its Board of Education incentive program.

Alone, Prepared has fed over 450,000 people since its inception in Tacoma, Washington. The organization has operating chapters in both St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. Love is the foundation of which the organization was built upon and love will always be found here at Prepared the Gateway of the Northwest.